Children Deserve Excellence

Every child deserves outstanding mentoring.

Every Child Needs a Mentor is here to make that happen.

Children Deserve Excellence

Every child deserves outstanding mentoring. Every Child Needs a Mentor is here to make that happen.

Wouldn’t it be great for every child and young person to have an effective mentor?

In careers such as sport, performing arts, and business, high-quality mentoring is provided. These professionals have access to mentoring not because they’re failing, but because they have potential, so why don’t all young people have access to the same opportunities?

The video below explains more.

Effective mentoring enables young people to fulfil their potential. 

Founded 2009, by entrepreneur and 2x Mentor of the Year winner mentor Herman Stewart, Every Child Needs a Mentor (ECNM) was created to address mentoring inequality to ensure that every child can experience life-changing mentoring – regardless of their background or abilities. Whether you’re a parent, school, local authority or company working with young people, we can help you. With our ABM methodology and proven track record of supporting young people, we know our methods work. But that’s not all; we’ve developed an award-winning mentorship framework that can be delivered both in-person and online.

Every Child Needs a Mentor for families

If you are a parent we can help you. Every Child Needs a Mentor has a passion for supporting families to get the best out of their children. From our years of experience, the results we have achieved and children we have transformed through our work, we are confident we can support you to inspire, motivate and prepare your children for life. Book a Discovery session with us to find out more

Every Child Needs a Mentor for schools

If you’re a leader in a school, we can help you by providing expertise, inspiration and support. Our mentors will deliver online mentoring sessions. Plus, with our award-winning mentoring framework, you can count on us to deliver the highest standards of mentoring. Our reputation has been built on our approach, rigorous evaluation and results.

Every Child Needs a Mentor training

Do you have a passion to transform the lives of young people? Then why not get accredited to become a mentor with us! From countless examples, we have found our approach yields results, and we train mentors how to do the same. We offer both introductory and full ECNM accredited mentor training courses. With our courses being online, we’re accessible to mentors across the UK.

We’ll find a mentoring role that works for you

Are you a qualified mentor looking for a fulfilling and impactful mentoring role? When you train and become accredited with us, we’ll help you find the perfect mentoring role.

Recommended by teachers

Recommended by students

Recommended by parents

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Organisations we’ve worked with

Some of the amazing feedback we’ve received

“I would highly recommend this innovative and experienced company in working with young people.” 

Claire Martin, Sandwell Children’s Trust

“Every Child Needs a Mentor has not only improved the attitude and outlook of students but has also facilitated opportunities for them to present to and work with influential community figures. The students are now significantly more enthusiastic and willing to engage within school.”

Jennifer McCann, Associate Headteacher

“The year six cohort took their SATs and outperformed all predictions. The pupils were motivated, aspirant and supportive of each other – and parents were strongly engaged. I cannot recommend ECNM highly enough. In fact, we have engaged ECNM again for the next year.”

Heather Phillips, Head teacher

“Just completed two days of training with ECNM. I was very impressed with the breadth and depth of the coverage given to the subject of mentoring and the varied approaches, used successfully, to engage the trainee mentors throughout. This is a company that not only understands mentoring but also the practical requirements of the settings in which mentoring takes place.” 

Ruth Poole, ex-Assistant Head teacher